Photos by Rosalie O'Connor

My musical journey is my life journey. As a rather shy 10-year-old violinist playing in an orchestra for the first time, symphonic music provided me with a unique outlet for expression. I saw the art of conducting as a form of communication, as a way to connect with as many people as possible. The dream to become a conductor was simply a desire to be part of something greater than myself. Although this dream was impossible at first, it slowly became reality with the help of wonderful mentors and colleagues at every turning point in my life journey. Through conducting, music has introduced me to people and to places in the world I never thought would be possible growing up in Taiwan. Now I am living my dream every day. I hope to repay all who have helped me by making a difference in the communities I serve through the voice I know best - music!

A tribute to Michal

Michal SchmidtMichal Schmidt (1957-2011) was not only a great artist's manager, she was also one of the most influential people in my life. She taught me that making music can be such a rewarding way of life, and a reason to appreciate life; she helped me realize that there is always more to the piece waiting to be discovered, or understood, no matter how good the last performance was; and most importantly, she showed me how to use my gifts to make a difference in the world through the language of music. I will miss you always, Michal, but I am truly grateful for the brief three years we worked together.